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WonderRach Designs

Yarny Hearts - Serene Cream, Metallic Gold and Pops o Color by WonderRach Designs

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Seriously. Don't you just love these Yarny Hearts?? Each one is created by hand using hand-dyed yarns with free-style crochet and weaving techniques. Meant to hang on the wall, these beautiful hearts will bring you happiness and smiles for years to come. One-of-a-kind.

Created using a beautiful cream, metallic gold and stunning pops of color. This heart is extra special as the the majority of the yarn used is made from recycled vintage saris and is 100% silk. Rachel combined both crochet and weaving, also making this heart extra special and is stunning with all of the textural details. Each yarn has its own special color detailing, making this truly a unique and special piece.

Dimensions: 10-1/2" wide by 11" long

This piece will ship directly from the artist, located in Milwaukee, WI.

Photo of Artist - WonderRach DesignsAbout the Artist:
WonderRach Designs is the brainchild of my sister Rachel. Rachel is a Golden Brain, meaning that she is equally both a right and left brain thinker. (I'm jealous!) Educated as an Electrical Engineer, Rachel's analytical thinking really shines through in her detailed designs. Also educated as an Operatic Singer, her training has really opened Rachel's creative (right brain) side as seen in her fantastic sense of color and design. Rachel is a full-time mom to three delightful boys. Since the pandemic, she has been home-schooling and pursuing her art.