welcome to loveshines creates!

loveshines creates was born over 15 years ago when i created my first valentine's card to send out to our family and friends. since then it has morphed into my brand and as a way for me to explore my creative journey. my creative journey is ever evolving, but one thing is constant: my love of all things color, wanting to bring positive messages to the world and expressing myself. i feel inspired by color -- obviously!, pattern, texture, sparkle and let my love shine through my creations.

letting my love shine means not only creating art for other people, but also spreading happiness and joy through my art. it also means supporting and promoting my favorite things and artists. it is my hope that you feel inspired and happy when you visit my website.

i hope the sparkle in me will bring a sparkle to you and that the sparkle in you, will bring a sparkle to those around you. let your love shine!

now please click on some of my wonderful curated collections below so that you can let your love shine too!

A Quick Video Showcasing Some of My Mixed Media Work