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Colorful and Adorable Postcard Booklet by Sugarboo & Co

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I love mail! The thought of someone receiving a little bit of color and happiness through the mail brings me so much joy. Or maybe you want to keep these for yourself and make an adorable photo collage using easy peasy 4 x 6 frames. Since these are postcard size, you can use a postcard stamp! This colorful and adorable postcard booklet features some of Rebecca's loved artwork. You get 25 assorted cards in the booklet and the photo is just a sampling of a few.

Dimensions: 6" x 4"


About the Artist:

Rebecca Puig is the artist behind Sugarboo & Co. In case you were wondering, “Sugarboo” comes from a couple of nicknames Rebecca has for her children, Jake and Sophie. They are the main inspiration for Sugarboo because Rebecca always wants to create products that remind us of the ones we love.